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Baum- und Pflanzenkathedralen

Wien Salzburg Hintersee 2014 - 2017

stars of the burggasse

vienna 2012/13
oil paintings

northern lights

vienna 2012
oil paintings


vienna 2010/11
oil paintings

sunflowers for neubau

vienna 2011
guerilla gardening in the 7th district

divine big bang

tobisberg in styria 2010
wall painting in a chapel

light objects

vienna 2009
light installations made of wood


vienna 2008

luminous metamorphoses

vienna 2008


vienna 2007-2008
a sketch


bali //vienna/czech republic/lower austria graz/ salzburg/florence/kas/istanbul/sofia 2005/2006
photos of mirrorings

reflection- photography

bali/czech republic/vienna/lower austria/graz/salzburg /sofia/istanbul 2005-2007
light as an indicator of reflections

reflections of liquid days

salzburg 2005
paintings inbetween abstraction and figuration

love, death and the devil

vienna 2005
painting in the tension-field inbetween photorealism and abstraction

the stars of hatshepsut

vienna 2004
a picturesque way from realism into abstraction

" alpha-omega" fresco

at abtenau near salzburg
a fresco in st.anthony´s chapel at abtenau

wall paints

salzburg/wien/asti/abtenau 1986-2006


wien/graz/salzburg 2000-2003
virus as installations

reflections of 3 continents

graz 2003
photos of interior refletions of work-stays

numeric mysticism

rome/salzburg/bali/vienna/graz 1997-2003
abstract explaination of the numbers 1 to 17

stars above getreidemarkt

vienna 2002
the age of stars as a pictoresque explaination

life cycle

vienna 2001
an explaination from birth until to after death


salzburg 2000

archetypal works

salzburg/new-york 1989-2000


salzburg 1999-2000
cells as mosaics

"rainberg" mosaic

salzburg 1999
a time spiral as a mosaic

the coconut within the tide

bali 1996
photographs of a meeting


salzburg 1994-1995

the seasons

salzburg 1990