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divine big bang

"Divine Big Bang " an abstract mural at a private chapel in Tobisberg

The artist Thomas Rucker, who transposed the "Alpha - Omega" fresco in Abtenau near Salzburg in a chapel , has now realized a mural in Tobisberg in Southeastern Styria in a private chapel. The inspiration for the design " Divine Big Bang " was the biblical creation story in the Book of Genesis. The big bang is according to the standard model of cosmology the beginning of the universe.
He referred to the common origin of matter, space and time from an initial singularity.
The artist worked in February and March 2010 on this 17square meters mural. The wall condition in the chapel was too coarse to paint directly on it , so he spread a 3 to 4mm marmorino layer, a mixture of marble dust and 28 years old lime spatula .

The color selection was made by the artist himself , the colors were from egg yolk and pigments, ground and passed through sieves .
Rucker , who deals in his art with the light, so he transacts illuministic works,
could bring through a multilayer painting seccho- tecnique the colors to a strong beaming power and intensity .
The client said about Ruckers work that the intense consideration of the blaze of color causes a vision of angels.

total consumption of the painting

the total consumption of the ceiling was made by Reinhard Kappis by a computerized procedure with 280 individual records

mental work using the model

color design


moisten the paper cardboard template by a projection on a wall, lines are drawn on cardboard paper

along the lines pin-holes are pricked

in the chapel the total area of the wall is made with a thin marmorino layer

egg yolk, linseed oil and varnish form the basis of tempera

the color is driven in a mortar

the colors are passed through a fine sieve

the perforated templates are placed on the wall

to handle the stippled points lines are set

color samples on the wall

paint work on the wall

paint work on the wall

paint work on the wall

paint work on the wall

Thomas Rucker in front of the chapel


the chapel on the day of inauguration