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"rainberg" mosaic

For several months, Rucker was a guest of the Thalhammer family, who reside on Rainberg. Rainberg being a mountain situated in the city of Salzburg, Austria. Originally, this mountain was the first Celtic settlement in Salzburg.
Since way back when, relics accumulated on the mountain. During walks to a cult site located on a plateau, the artist found shards in the woods. He collected enough of them to make a mosaic.
Rucker commented on the Rainberg mosaic as follows: “The Rainberg mosaic is like a time funnel, catapulting itself from the period of the Celts to the present. The older shards were placed in the center of the mosaic, and the more recent ones toward the outside.

"rainberg" mosaic

mosaic : found fragments on a carrying plate

found fragments

place of shard s discovery

cultic place

plateau (celtic cultic place?) at "rainberg" on the border of the "festungsberg"